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Sleeping is essential to every human being to restore and renew the body's mental and physical systems. Did you know over 100 million Americans fail to get enough sleep every night and over 70 million have a sleep disorder and may not realize it?

Occurring in Americans today, there are over 80 sleep disorders that can disturb sleep and life quality. Some sleep disorders can even be life threatening to the patient.

With the advancement in Sleep Medicine, help can be found for those who suffer from a sleep disorder. The International Classification of Sleep Disorders, Second Edition documents 81 official sleep disorders. While some of these are very common, most of them are found in only a small portion of people. Please take the time to find out more about these various sleep disorders and the treatments. By doing so, you can help yourself, and others, live a happier and healthier life.

Take the time to talk with a physician if you or someone you know has trouble with sleep.